Service provider terms of service

Please read the full terms and conditions set out by The Individualist. This agreement documents the legally binding terms and conditions attached to the use of the site. By using or accessing the site as a service provider you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service.

This is a summary of our service providers terms of business. Please read the full document before agreeing to advertise your business and (or) use our booking systems (software).

The Individualist provides a booking platform on which you can advertise your services, prices, portfolio and qualifications to a wider range of potential clients.

As a part of advertising with The Individualist we offer booking systems, invoicing systems, easy payment processing and access to jobs posted onto our website, which will be of great benefit to your business.

The Individualist team will assist on getting your profile completed however it is the sole responsibility of the service provider to ensure that information is correct and kept up to date. You will have your own personal username and password which is your responsibility to keep safe, under no circumstances should this personal information be shared with a third party. We recommend your password been one that you have not used before consisting of more than 8 characters including upper and lower case and a mixture of numbers and symbols.

We are responsible for arranging bookings via our website and working with the consumer to ensure their needs are met. I.E preferred time and date acting as a representative.

When signing up to our start up package, service providers gain full access of all the features The Individualist has to offer on a commission basis. Pre-Paid bookings made via The Individualist will go straight to the service providers bank account either by their stripe key or their PayPal account once the service has been carried out, in which, The Individualist will automatically get a 20% booking referral fee from the overall payment made.

Subscriptions will be payable from the first date of signing up to our website and every month thereafter unless stated different. Once committed to our pro package there will be no charges payable for bookings that have been made via your online booking system. Service providers will also gain full access to jobs posted onto our website from consumers seeking service providers or salon and spa’s seeking self-employed professionals to rent space.

Our pro package is for service providers whom wish to use our automated systems for the running of their business.

Our start up package is full use of the website and access to clients who book your services via The Individualist.

If you wish not to accept online payments and would like clients to pay for your services directly you would need to be on a subscription package. Any direct payments can not be accepted on our freemium package.

The individualist does not hold any bank details for our service providers, these are held with stripe, whom process all payments on behalf of The Individualist.  If any outstanding payments are due, The Individualist will invoice service providers and will expect to receive the payment with in 14 days of the invoice being sent.

If we owe you, we will pay this into your bank account with in 3-5 working days.

You grant us ongoing permission under these service providers terms of service to deduct any outstanding balance by the way of direct debit from your bank account, details which you have provided us with.

If you for any reason you can not make a payment in the requested time frame, please do get in touch and let us know as soon as possible.

Any customers, clients or consumers who come through The Individualist whether they are a new customer or returning, are known as our users and we hold their details on our database. These customers should not be poached in any way to come direct to do business with you. This is a breach of our service providers terms of service. A customer will be identified by their first name, email address, phone number and home address details.

You are responsible for your services you provide to clients either at their location or at your location. We are not liable for the service they receive, that is between you and the customer.

  1. In return for using The Individualist services we ask that you oblige by the following;

1.1 Paying all outstanding fees where applicable (commission, subscription, signup)

1.2 You agree not to suggest that the customers make direct contact with you for your services.

1.3 You agree to process services to the highest standards.

1.4 You must offer your services at the same price as you would outside of the website. From time to time you are permitted to offer lower prices and service discounts to our client base. We ask that you honour these prices whether the client is paying cash directly to you or via your online booking system.

1.5You must ensure that you hold the correct qualifications, insurance and consent that is required to carry out the services.

1.6 You must ensure that all content uploaded to your profile is accurate and not misleading.

1.7 Clients should be able to reschedule or cancel an appointment up to 48 hours via their appointment and either be refunded, unless you accept none refundable deposits or offered another appointment. Same day bookings that are booked and cancelled are not to be offered a refund. All communication regarding cancellations should be done between you and the client.

1.8 The Individualist will send both the service provider and the customer an email reminder on behalf of the booking made, if for any reason you are unable to honour the appointment, contact is to be made between you and the client, The Individualist does not hold any responsibility for re arranging appointments unless the client gets directly in touch with us.

1.9 Your profile on The Individualist will be used responsibly. No adult content, harmful, offensive, unlawful content will be uploaded on to your profile. This is a breach of the terms and your profile will be dismissed.

  1. The Individualist services and charges:

2.1 This document legally binds that The Individualist will provide service providers with an advertising platform, booking systems, invoicing systems and payment processing. In no way is this contract transferable to a third party.

2.2 When a service provider has signed up to a package which attracts fees, if you are no longer wanting to receive the service set out by The Individualist, it will need to be put into writing 28 days before your next payment is due. Any outstanding fee’s will be payable to The Individualist.

2.3 The Individualist has the rights to change any fee at any given time on a 28-day notice period to the service provider. The service providers continued use of the services provided, after receiving the notice of price change, will be deemed as acceptance to the new fees/ commission.

2.4 In the event of your profile not running as it should technical help will be on hand either by phoning us direct or by emailing

2.5 The Individualist tracks the way our service providers use our systems through google analytics this helps us understand how It is been used for continued development and improvement on our services.

2.6 Service providers should not copy, sell, resell or exploit the services provided by The Individualist.

  1. The Individualist does not warrant that:

3.1 The Individualist site will always meet the service providers specific requirements;

3.2 That the website will be interrupted, secure or error free;

3.3 That any errors in the website will be corrected immediately.

  1. Service provider obligations:

4.1 In respect of receiving the services presented by The Individualist, all fees will be paid that are applicable and to accept all bookings and process the services to the highest industry standards. A breach of this clause will be a breach of the terms of this contract.

4.2 A service provider must accept all bookings and may only decline in exceptional circumstances otherwise this is a clear breach of the terms of the contract. The service provider is solely responsible for making sure the availability on your booking system Is accurate and up to date. Any discounted prices presented by The Individualist must be honoured by the service providers.

4.3 If a client changes time or date, providing at least 48-hour notice is given, this should be honoured by the service provider.

4.4 All profile information must be updated, accurate and not misleading in any way to the client. Ensuring that all prices of services are the same on our platform and with in your personal platforms as this can look very bad to a consumer of your services. All photographs uploaded to your profile must be your own work. Pictures that have been given consent from the consumer to use as advertising. If you do not have pictures of your work The Individualist can provide pictures from our database.

4.5 Service providers must not under any circumstances solicit that a consumer makes a booking other than through the website.

4.6 If the Individualist has any reason to suspect that a service provider is avoiding making payments or not following any of the obligations set out above, The Individualist has rights to cease your profile pending investigation.

  1. Customer service and complaints:

5.1 It Is the service providers responsibility to promptly deal with any services enquiries or issues relating to bookings or potential bookings including dealing with any complaints that may be made.

5.2 The Individualist is not responsible for the customers care or failure to meet their expectations, this is the sole responsibility of the service provider. In the event of a complaint the service provider is expected to respond with in 48 hours of receiving the customers complaint.

5.3 Service providers have a 14-day period where they are expected to resolve any issue in which it is the service providers responsibility to keep The Individualist informed of the correspondence and the outcome.

5.4 The service provider understands that with the use of The Individualists services a review system will be made available for clients to leave reviews. In some circumstances these reviews may be negative and may be disappointing to you, The Individualist can not stop clients from doing this. As a service provider you can reply to these reviews, however, you must reply in the most respectful, responsible and professional manner. By no circumstances can you reply with any threatening behaviour and any service provider doing this will be breaching the contract set out by The Individualist. If our service provider finds the reviews posting to be disclosing personal information about themselves and their business and find the reviews offence they may get in touch with The Individualist and this will be reviewed promptly, if we find that the review needs to be removed the appropriate action will be taken.

  1. Customer data:

6.1 All customers data must be processed in accordance to the data protection act. No personal information about customers is to be discussed with a third party.

6.2 Each service provider is responsible for complying with data protection and GDPR.

6.3 Service providers agree to maintain appropriate technical measure to ensure that customers data is processed correct to protect against accidental loss, damages, theft or disclosure. Service providers agree to only process customers information in acceptance of a booking between the two parties.

6.4 If a customer of The Individualist expresses to a service provider that they no longer want to receive marketing material via email or any other form, the service provider must inform The Individualist, so we can remove their data correctly.

  1. Term of agreement:

7.1 This agreement begins on the effective date and will continue until withdrawal of contract is written by either party with no less than 28-day notice.

7.2 The Individualist holds the right to terminate this contract at any given time, if we feel that a breach of this contract has been made.

All rights with in this website are the sole property of The Individualist. By becoming a service provider does not warrant you the rights to any of the intellectual property with in this website. From time to time The Individualist may change the format, menu or pictures on this website with out any notice to you. We have the right to update or amend these terms of service in which you will be emailed an updated version. Continued use or no further communication between us will suggest you agree and comply with the new updated version.

These terms and conditions have been set out in accordance to all laws of England. You and The Individualist agree that English laws will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any claim or dispute arising from booking services via our website.


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