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This agreement documents the legally binding terms and conditions attached to the use of the website. By using or accessing the website in any way, browsing or viewing, or adding your own content on to the site you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of usage.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing our website and booking any of our service providers through our website.

By using our website, you are accepting to comply with the terms and conditions set out regardless of whether you choose to register with us. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not continue access to our site.

Thank you for choosing to browse our website, www.theindividualist.co.uk. The website is brought to you by The Individualist LTD, a registered company in England under the company number 11137508. Our registered office is in Wakefield. More information can be requested about our address by emailing servicehelp@theindividualist.co.uk.

  1. Our website has two functions:


1.1   Collecting information and providing an advertising platform and booking systems for service providers who wish to sell their services via our website and

1.2 Providing users with profiles to be able to search and book the service providers listed with The Individualist.

1.3 The terms set out are under which we are providing you with access to our website and the services that are on offer via our service providers. Please note that these terms and conditions are not for service providers who wish to add their services to our website and advertise with us. Service provider terms and conditions will be presented upon signing up to our website. You can do so via the sign up or packages tab on the website.

1.4 We may change our terms and conditions from time to time in which an updated version will be available via our website. It is very important that you check these regularly to make sure you still agree with the usage of the website. Once notified of the changes, if you continue to access our website after reading any updated terms and conditions, will assure us that you accept to any changes made.

  1. Website use:

2.1 The websites terms and conditions of use on the website also refer to the following terms which also apply when using our website;

2.2 Privacy and cookies policy.

2.3 By using our website, you are agreeing that you will comply with all terms set out. If you do not agree to our terms of use or privacy and cookies policy, please stop using our website. (Privacy and cookies policy can be found via the privacy tab.)

2.4 Please note that the terms of use only cover the use of the website, they do not apply to booking or contacting a service provider via our website. Please see Users terms and conditions which apply to booking and having contact with service providers who advertise on our website.

2.5 Access to our website is on a temporary basis. At any given time, we have the right to amend or withdraw our website without notice. We will not be held liable if at any time of our services or any part of our website is unavailable.

2.6 Updates are made to our website from time to time and the content may change with out notice to you. We hold the right to withdraw or suspend the website or any part of it at any time without notice.

2.7 When viewing our website, you are responsible for ensuring that you have up-to date anti-virus software for any device accessing the website. You are responsible for making sure that anyone viewing the website from your devices are aware of these terms of use.

  1. Account security:

3.1 You are responsible for your log in details which include a username and password. It is up to you to prevent unauthorised access to your account. We recommend that you keep your personal log in information safe and do not disclose your account information to a third party. To keep your password safe, we highly advise making your password longer than 8 characters using, upper and lower case with a mixture of symbols. In addition to the security of your account, sign out of any device after using the website and close the browser window when you have finished.

3.2 If you suspect that someone is accessing your account without your permission please get in touch immediately by emailing servicehelp@theindividualist.co.uk. We will investigate any claims of unauthorised access to our website. We reserve the right to block or disable an account at any given time where unauthorised access has been made to your account.

  1. Users:

4.1 To become a registered user of the website you must be 18 years old or over to gain full access.

4.2 Registered users have access to service providers information and can make bookings, receive invoices, process payments, save service providers profiles and post user generated content onto our website. Registered users will also have access to any new updates on promotions we may have on. These services are only available for registered users.

4.3 Any information we gather about you through becoming a user will be stored in accordance with consent to our privacy and cookies policy.

4.4 We have the right to block or disable your account at any given time if we feel that your profile is not been used as it should be. We also reserve the right to disable user identification and passwords if we have reason to believe you are not complying with the terms of use. If anyone other than you knows your username or password you should inform us immediately by emailing, servicehelp@theindividualist.co.uk.

  1. Misuse of our website:

5.1 You must not misuse our website by actively introducing viruses, spyware or any other harmful materials that will affect the operation of software or hardware. You can not gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to the server, computer or database connected to our website.

5.2 Trying to do so is a criminal offence under the computer misuse act 1990 and will not be taken lightly. Law enforcements will be informed, and all your personal information will be given to help their investigation. In the event of such breach any accounts you may hold will be immediately dismissed.

  1. User generated content (UGC):

6.1 Our site allows registered user’s, and none registered users who log in through social media to be able to post UGC onto our website. UGC can be published under our blog posts or onto service providers review systems.

6.2 Any content published will show the username of the user or of the social media platform you log in with however, we will not publish personal information such as email addresses.

6.4 At any given time we reserve the right to disable any UGC from an account if it has been reported. We also can disable your right to post if we feel your UGC is offensive, racist, harmful, illegal, unlawful, discriminatory or deceptive in any way. If you have felt any of the above by any UGC published on our website, please get in touch immediately by emailing servicehelp@theindividualist.co.uk.

  1. Intellectual property:

7.1 We reserve all intellectual property rights with in this website, the materials and your use of the website, the materials are subject to the following restrictions. You must not:

7.2 Remove any copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the materials or use any materials from the website that may violate any copyright, intellectual property, third party usage or extract data from the website or software unless you are in a written agreement or

7.3 Reproduce, publish, modify, distribute, broadcast, communicate to the public to exploit the website in any commercial way unless you have a license agreement.

  1. Trademarks:

8.1 The Individualist reserves all rights in and to the www.theindividualist.co.uk domain name, sub domains, the name The Individualist the hair and beauty professionals, our logo, trademark and trading name.

  1. Your personal data, Privacy and cookies:

9.1 The privacy of our users is important to us please see the privacy and cookies policy for the details on how we process your personal information once it is permitted to us.

  1. Linking to our website:

10.1 You may link to our website if it is done in a none commercial way that is fair and legal and does not tarnish the reputation or take advantage of our company. At no cost will linking to adult sites or illegal material be considered.

10.2 Please do not link to our website to suggest a partnership or relationship of any sort if one is none existent.

10.3 If you would like to link to our website please get in touch by email servicehelp@theindividualist.co.uk and reference it website linking.



  1. Third party content and third-party websites:

11.1 Our website may have advertisements from a third party. Such content of advertisements is exclusively the responsibility of the third party for the content displayed and for ensuring they comply with all relevant legislations. We do not hold any liability for any third parties advertising.

11.1 Our website also may contain links to our service providers websites, if you decide to visit such site you are doing so at your own risk. We hold no liability directly or indirectly to the content that may be experience by clicking a link. Unless expressed links do not imply we are associated with the company.

11.2 Our marketing material including email marketing may contain third party links. We hold no responsibility or liability for material supplied by a third parties website which is linked to our communications with you.

11.3 Please be aware that once you click a link from our website to be redirected to another website these terms of use including our privacy and cookie policy are no longer applicable. The website will have their own terms and you should read thoroughly before accessing their website for reassurance.

  1. Our liability:

12.1 We have full security of this website however we do not warrant that this website will be error-free or free of viruses or any other harmful defects will be resolved. You must ensure that you are taking responsibility to make sure that your computer or devices are protected against such events. We hold no liability for any loss or damage caused by harmful material from browsing our website.

12.2 We hold no responsibility for the failure to maintain the website or late maintenance. Please note we provide our website for private use and you must not use it for business unless you are a registered and approved service provider.

12.3 We hold no responsibility and do not compensate for any of the following losses: Loss of business, loss of profits, loss or revenue, loss of data or admin time

13. Disclaimer:

13.1 Whilst we strive to ensure that the information provided by www.theindividualist.co.uk is up to date and accurate, we make no representations of any kind, implied about the accuracy or reliability or availability with respect to the information or services contained on www.theindvidualist.co.uk. Your use of the information or services provided must be based on your own attentiveness and you should consult the appropriate provider for your needs. Any reliance you place on such is at your own risk.

13.2 Through this website you may be able to be redirected to other links which we have no control over and will not be held liable for any content experience. The links available does not necessarily imply a recommendation to them.