Hair and beauty career

Have you been struggling with what you can do for the rest of your life? Its so hard to get up in the morning and go and do a job you dislike. It makes you feel negative and no one wants a negative life. One of the top industries to get into is hair and […]

Living the dream

One person we are absolutely obsessed with in the makeup industry is mmmmitchell! ( This young man is living every influencers dream. 19 year old Mitchell from Manchester has built up a makeup following of 647k and is inspiring people every day of his life. If he isn’t offering 1-1’s from HAM studio he is […]

The Power Of Positivity

Growing a business in the hair and beauty industry can have its ups and downs. One minute your on top of the world, fully booked and gaining new clients weekly! Then your business is very quiet, your income goes down and you find yourself promoting endlessly.  It’s so easy to stay positive when your business […]

Summer vibes of Instagram

Its here! British summer has arrived! Yay! Not only does this make us feel more motivated and positive, it helps us produce some great sun inspired hair and beauty work! All we see is beautiful bold colours taking over! With holiday season in full swing and festivals popping up all over there’s no wonder there’s […]

Lash Lift Vs Eyelash Extensions

This blog is for the beauty trends that have been taking the industry by storm since 2017. Today we are going to be discussing the difference between having a lash lift done and having semi permanent eyelash extensions applied. As we all know a lot of females are opting for these beauty treatments to save […]

Building A Makeup Empire

I remember when people used to look down their noses at hair and beauty professionals. The industry was never taken serious as a career and was the industry you entered as someone who didn’t really do too well in high school or as a college drop out! People was so quick to judge and say […]

Nail technicians of Instagram

Who remembers when acrylic nails were just the bog standard white tips or natural look with polish over them!? If you was creative you might of got one of your fingers painted a different colour with a bit of glitter over it. Well them days are well and truly gone! These nail technicians on Instagram […]

Using Facebook for your business

With in the hair and beauty industry it seems that a high number of professionals rely on Instagram for running their business  and are missing huge potential by not using their Facebook business page. Don’t get me wrong Instagram is great for showcasing your work and building a following however Facebook is were you can […]

Whats hot in the hair and beauty industry

All through out our Instagram feed all we see is self-employed hair and beauty professionals killing the industry and building their own empire. Be gone the days where less was more and natural was the in thing. Now it is more, more and more of everything from bling nails to 2ml of lip filler and […]

5 tips to keep your hair or beauty business up and running

When it comes to building a hair and beauty business great customer service is key however this is never enough. Statistically with in a year you will lose around 30% of clients and this is not because of your business but because there are  many other professionals out there that do what you do and […]

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