Welcome to The Individualist- One of the first online directory platforms dedicated to connecting the self-employed of the hair and beauty industry with client’s looking for professional services. The Individualist has changed the way that professional hair and beauty services are perceived, Never has it been more convenient to book someone to bring their services to you. Hair and beauty appointments right at your finger tips.
The Individualist is the perfect platform to help the professionals running home salons, renting space or freelancing, As well as helping clients search and book convenience appointments.
The Individualist has its own booking system where clients can search, book and review the professionals profiles. Once they have found a professional who meets their expectations they can select a treatment, pick a date and choose an available time slot. It really is that easy! If you do not want to book online you can click the call button!
The Individualist has a secure payment processing tool for professionals to take payments and deposits. We do not hold any personal details on our data it is all done safely and securely through Stripe.
Send clients their invoice through your personal profile cutting out paper receipts and using separate software to do this. This makes handling your business very simple and effective.
Clients also can sign up to The Individualist FREE of charge and they get a personal profile. On a clients profile they can do many things such as; Search, make bookings, view invoices, pay invoices, review profiles and post any job they would like doing on to our page for professionals to find them.
The Individualist connecting the professionals with the clients.